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offer alert emails

PrimaryBid offers allow retail investors to access IPOs and other capital markets transactions, at the same time and price as institutional investors.

So, if you want to hear about the latest IPOs, follow-ons, retail bonds, investment trust raises and block trades, sign up to get notified when PrimaryBid offers go live. 

Why sign up?

  Be among the first to know when a PrimaryBid offer launches

  • Hear about retail offers exclusive to PrimaryBid 

  • Get access to a range of offer types - from IPOs to new retail bond launches.

It’s free to sign up - you just need to register using the form.

What to expect from our offer alerts

Once you’ve signed up for our PrimaryBid offer alerts, we’ll start to email you the details of live offers. Alerts are at the discretion of each fundraising company, so we may not be authorised to alert you at all. 

To take part in a PrimaryBid offer you will need to be signed up with a participating broker. You may already have an existing broker account or you can sign up with a broker that PrimaryBid works with